Centre of National Musicology


The Belarusian State Academy of Music is a Centre of National Musicology


The Belarusian State Academy of Music is the only scientific institution in the country which is carrying out fundamental scientific researches in all directions of modern musicology, musical education and training methodology of musical disciplines. The Academy of Music is taking part in development of the "Culture" national complex program and other programs of fundamental studies. The perspective plan of research and methodology works of the Academy of Music includes fundamental researches into the issues of modern musicology (history, musical theory and ethnomusicology), musical pedagogy, aesthetics (philosophy of music), writing of monographs, collections of scientific articles, vocabularies, text-books, methodology manuals, methodology elaborations, music editions, training programs.

In order to run state-of-the-art researches, the Belarusian State Academy of Music possesses an essential scientific potential. A total of 70 % of the teachers of the Academy of Music have scientific degrees, scientific and honourable titles. During the last decade more than 60 teachers obtained the scientific degree of Assistant Professor, 20 of Professor. Within the framework of planned scientific researches 5 Doctoral theses were prepared and defended (Yakonyuk, V.L. 1995, Nazina, I.D. 1998, Sergiyenko, R.I. 1999, Doulova, E.M. 2000, Dadiomova, O.V. 2003).

The scientific department of the Academy of Music is comprised of six scientific divisions, the Problem-Oriented Research Musical Laboratory (PORML), two temporary scientific work forces of the "Culture" Program, the Editorial-Publishing Division, Centre of Scientific Information with access to Internet, post-graduate and doctorate courses. In 1996 for the first time in the history of the Belarusian higher musical school at the Academy of Music a council was established for defending of candidate theses (from 2001 on also Doctor's theses) in musicology in speciality "Musical Art" (Chairman of the Council Professor V. Yakonyuk).

Essential outcomes of the research work of the Belarusian State Academy of Music have found its reflection in scientific and methodology publications of the Academy of Music. During 19962002 the teachers of the Academy of Music published a total volume of about 1000 printer's sheets (quires) of scientific, methodology, musical and other publications. Among the latest largest and most significant publications of the latest period are monographs and training manuals, musical editions. The Editorial-Publishing Division of the Academy of Music makes regular publications of collections of scientific articles, proceedings of scientific conferences, methodology elaborations, training programs and others. From 2001 on publication was launched of the regular scientific-theoretical journal "Vesti of the the Belarusian State Academy of Music".

A substantial contribution into development of the national humanitarian science is organization of the basis of the Academy of Music of international and national conferences. An important role in perception of the tasks of future development of musical education in the Republic was played by the International Conference "Musical Education and National-Cultural Revival" (1993). A noticeable event in development of the national musicology became traditional annual scientific readings in memory of L. Moukharinskaya, which allowed to lay a reliable scientific and practical basis for organization of a large international scientific conference "Slavonic Ethnomusicology: Directions. Methods. Concepts" (1996). A great resonance was made by the international conference "Traditions of National Piano Schools of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine" (1997), held with participation of three regional organizations of the EPTA (European Piano Teachers' Association), and also the following international conferences Artistic Education: Continuity. Methodology. Didactics" (1998), "Eternal Values of Music: towards 250 Years from I. S. Bach's Death" (2000). On the eve of the new millennium the international conference was held "Belarus and Musical Heritage of the 20th Century: Searches and Findings" (2001) and the jubilee 10th Scientific Readings in memory of L. Moukharinskaya "Musical Culture of Belarus: Historic Way. Contacts" (2001) ets.

During the latest five years the teachers of the Academy of Music have prepared more than 300 scientific presentations, which were submitted to scientific forums in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and also in Moldova, Lithuania, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, USA, India, Cyprus and others.