International Co-operation


The Belarusian State Academy of Music

and International Co-operation


International activities of the Belarusian Academy of Music are an essential factor of its recognition as an educational, creative (musical), scientific and methodical centre of international level, contribute to development of co-operation of the Academy of Music with foreign educational and scientific institutions, and promote propaganda and dissemination of the national musical arts abroad.

The Belarusian State Academy of Music co-operates, on the basis of inter-college agreements, with the the P. Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatoire, N. Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatoire, Rostov State Conservatoire, N. Zhiganov Kazan State Conservatoire (academy), S. Rachmaninov Tambov State Academy of Music, Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts (Russia), Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, F. Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw, K. Lipinsky Academy of Music in Wroclaw (Poland), the Ukhan Conservatoire, the Zhenzhou and Henan Universities (China), and others.

The Belarusian State Academy of Music is successfully training students from various foreign countries Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Jordan, China, Turkey, USA, Brazil, Mexico. The total number of foreign students is more than 100 persons.

The Belarusian State Academy of Music is a member of a number of international musical associations, namely: the AEC Association of European Conservatoires and Higher Musical Schools (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), the EPTA European Piano Teachers' Association (London, England), the CWA Cymbalist World Association (Budapest, Hungary), and others. The Belarusian State Academy of Music is co-operating with the ISME International Council for Musical Education of the UNESCO. A great international resonance was a result of the World Congress of Cymbalists; its holding became possible due to the high creative achievements of the national cymbal school. The Belarusian State Academy of Music is taking an active part in the process of integration of the European and world educational environment pursuant to the Bologna Declaration on professional musical training in Europe.

Information about the Belarusian State Academy of Music may be found in authoritative sources, including Encyclopedia of Oakland (New Zealand), International Handbook of Universities (France), International Cambridge Biography Dictionary, catalogues of the ELIA, ICFAD, in "Piano Journal" of the EPTA and others.