Belarusian Arts and Culture


        The Belarusian State Academy of Music and Belarusian Arts and Culture

One of the major directions of the Academy of Music is to carry out multiple creative activities of dissemination and propaganda of Belarusian musical arts. Concerts given by the Academy of Music have grown into an important factor of the musical life of the country, an indispensable means to integrate the Belarusian culture and arts into the world community.

Performance collectives and soloists of the Academy of Music are taking part in organisation and holding of huge international and Republic's festivals, namely: the "Belarusian Musical Autumn", "Minsk Spring", "Dulcimer and Accordion Ring", "Lord, the Almighty", musical festivals of the "Belarusian Choir" Creative Association. The Belarusian State Academy of Music is an organiser of a series of Republic's and international competitions, among them are the "Piano. Minsk–96", International Piano Contest "Minsk–2000", "Minsk–2005", international competition of folk instrument performers named after I. Zhinovich and other. The annual piano festivals held in Brest, Mogilyov and Grodno became a phenomenon in the cultural life of the country.

An outcome of a range of projects related to creation of new musical works became opera and ballet premieres, and also performances of symphony and chamber music by composers A. Bogatyryov, E. Glebov, D. Smolsky, A. Mdivani, G. Gorelova, V. Kouznetsova, V. Soltan, V. Dorokhin and others in the leading halls of the country and abroad. Among them staging of the opera by V. Soltan "Wild King Stakh's Chase" according to the novel by V. Korotkevich, ballet "Passions" by A. Mdivani, the staging of the latter was recognised in Paris to be the best ballet of 1995 (ballet-master – V. Yelizaryev), ballet "Macbeth" by V. Kouznetsov. A significant event of the national and European musical culture was a staging of the opera by Radzivil "Faustus" to Goethe's libretto (State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Opera and Ballet, 1999), which became possible due to creative and scientific work of the teachers of the Academy of Music V. Skorobogatov, V. Dadiomova and G. Korzhenevskaya.

Great creative achievements of the teachers of the Academy of Music were marked with National Prizes of the Republic of Belarus in arts, about 50 teachers of the Academy of Music were awarded with honourable titles and state rewards. A broad popularity has been won also by the graduates of the Academy of Music, who work fruitfully in the sphere of musical variety art – People's Artist of Belarus, State Prize Laureate of Belarus, Professor M. Finberg, People's Artist of Belarus V. Rainchik ("Verassy" Company), Honoured Artists of the Republic of Belarus Ya. Poplavskaya and A. Tikhonovich, V. Missevich ("Pesnyary" Company), popular singers M. Skorikov and I. Abalyan and others.

The orchestras and ensembles of the Academy of Music are very active in giving concerts both at home and abroad. Students of the Academy of Music are successfully participating in international competition of performers which is an important factor of international recognition of the Belarusian musical arts and education.

A number of students of the Academy of Music became laureates of prestigious international artistic competitions, namely: "Cologne96" Piano Competition (Germany), K. Kahn Grand Prix in Paris (France), named after F. Chopin in Warsaw (Poland), named after I.S. Bach in Saarbrukken (Germany), "A. M. A. Calabria" in Italy, M. Canals in Barcelona (Spain), E. Durle in Antwerpen (Belgium), Cappell in Washington (USA), the first EPTA (European Piano Teachers' Association) international competition in Croatia, competitions of accordion players in Klingenthal (Germany) and Castelfidardo (Italy), the "Cup of the North" competition of folk instrument performers in Cherepovets (Russia), competitions of singers "Amber Nightingale" in Russia, named after Y. Vitall in Riga (Latvia), named after A. Dvorak in Karlovy Vary (Czechia) and many others. Special successes during the jubilee year were achieved by the pianists of the Academy of Music Andrey Ponochevny (International Competition named after P. Tchaikovsky, Moscow, 2002, 3 Prize) and Konstantin Krasnitsky (International Competition named after S. Rakhmaninov, Moscow, 2002, 4 Prize), and also bayan-player A. Shouvalov (International Competition in Klingenthal, 2002, 1 Prize). During the latest five years more than 200 students of the Academy of Music became laureates and prize-winners of international competitions.